5 Commandments Of adult website Promotion

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5 Commandments Of adult website Promotion

Post by JDCVENTURES on Sat Mar 08, 2008 6:16 pm

The 5 Commandments Of adult website Promotion

adult website promotion is truly the reason behind internet marketing.The purpose of all your internet marketing activities is to drive traffic to your adult website so that your adult website can make the sale, or otherwise generate revenue for your business. There are literally hundreds of tips and techniques for promoting your adult website and driving traffic your way. However, there are some that stand apart from others as proven effective adult website promotion techniques.

Some of the most effective adult website promotion methods I've experienced include:

- Search engine marketing
- Pay-per-click advertising
- Link exchanges
- Buying traffic in bulk
- Email marketing

Some other fairly effective methods include participation in newsgroups and online forums, operation of referral programs, banner advertising, and issuance of press releases to gain exposure from the media. Placement of classified advertisements in newspapers, ezines, magazines, trade publications and in online directories is also somewhat effective.

One of the most wildly effective methods of internet marketing that is absolutely free and really drives tons of traffic to a adult website is giving away free, expert content to be republished. The trick to driving traffic from your give-away content is to provide a link back to your adult website as part of the content and giving others permission to publish your content for free as long as they leave it unchanged. This is an incredibly effective way to get the link to your adult website published and presented to an audience that is interested in the products or services you provide. There is a great demand on the internet for high quality, expert content so it should be no problem to get your articles picked up and published. There are a number of free content sites, some general and some industry specific, where you can display your articles for adult website owners to view and download.

Whatever methods of adult website promotion you choose for your internet marketing program be sure to monitor the results. The server logs provided by your email host should tell you where your traffic is coming from. This is an exceptional tool for managing your internet marketing program as well as for planning your future adult website promotion activities.

If a adult website promotion method seems that is not working for you after you have given it adequate time, then change your strategy and methods a bit to get the best results from your internet marketing program. The key to success is staying on top of your adult website statistics and spending your marketing money wisely on the methods that work best for your business.


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