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My new blog

Post by ayo2ndey on Mon Apr 21, 2008 5:47 pm

Hi everyone, i have just opened a new blog and although i am still working on it, i will like you to have a look at it and post your comments. please visit

Now you can register at Dubaimlm and earn yourself some dollars which you can use to buy things from dubai. Although it as closed sin april 20th or thereabout but you still have the grace to register through a member. Note that you are not collecting the dollars but you can only use it to buy from them depending on how much you have made for yourself. You will get a $50 when you register and $10 on every new member that registers through you then $1 each on every member that registered through the person you introduced. You can make up to $10,000 depending on the number of people you introduce and spend your money on stuffs like laptop, cell phones, tv, dvd, shirts, and so many other things.
This is not a must but atleast you can save those money you use in buying shirts and shoes and still have you stuffs for free i mean just by introducing people.

Visit to start and earn some money for yourself and me and spend your dollar as from may 17th if the company will not change the date. You can also visit my blog at

N.B : I think all registrationg might close on that 17th of may.

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