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Dear Friend,

There are many methods that you can use to promote your web site. But one rule remains the same. Make sure that your *web site is 100% ready* to be submitted before you begin with promotion. In this news letter we will discuss only about search engine submission Submitting to Search Engines:

The first and most important method of promotion is submitting your web site to search engines and directories. The webmaster fills out a form that tells the search engine to *visit and index the suggested site*.

( I.) Site Must be 100% Complete.

(II.) Preparing your web pages - Meta tags

You must submit your web site only after you have prepared your web pages for the search engines. This means you have to insert appropriate meta tags on all your web pages (keywords, description and title). Preparing your web
pages for effective web site promotion leading to high search engineranking.

(III). Optimising Your Web site: For your site to score high with search engines, you will need to optimize your web site (improve your HTML, load time, browser compatibility and other factors to cater to search engines). Only after optimization should you submit your site.Web Site Optimization - Using Free Web Site Analysis Software to improve your site

(IV)Finally, it's time to submit : After optimization, it's time to submit your site. We recommend submitting to all the major search engines, since search engines generate approximately 90% of web site traffic. Top search engines have a form for site suggestions. Submitting search Engines thro service providers will cost you, but consider it as investment *which will generate traffic for your site.

In my experience I have come across the following 2 promoting web site Tools. first one has many products ( one of the product is submitting search engine submission), second one specializes on search engine submission


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